DALLAS – An army veteran was shot dead after opening fire near a Federal courthouse in downtown Dallas.

The US Federal security service shot and killed 22-year-old Brian Isaac Clyde after he approached the entrance to the Federal building Earl Cabell and opened fire.

“He had a lot of ammunition and a large powerful weapon,” said FBI agent Matthew DeSarno.

The attack occurred around 8:40 am local time. Three employees of the Federal security service, who were in the building, resisted the suspect. DeSarno and other officials praised their courage.

“If it were not for the actions of the Federal security service, it could have ended very badly,” – said DeSarno.

Officials are trying to determine the motive that forced the former veteran to open fire. They said there was no evidence that the suspect had accomplices.

According to the authorities, a team of bomb experts inspected the vehicle belonging to the suspect and made controlled explosions.

Desarno said that Clyde left the army in 2017. He served as an infantryman from August 2015 to February 2017 and received the rank of the private first class.

The suspect recently graduated from college at Corpus Christi. In a statement, Del Mar College said that last month Clyde received a degree in Applied Sciences. This is stated on the website of the University.