Sienna Miller revealed that she had to face the most difficult role in life when isolation forced the actress to homeschool her daughter while pursuing her own career. She spoke about this and many other things in an interview with Porter and became the heroine of its cover.

Since the pandemic ended normal life back in March, Sienna remained isolated with her daughter Marlowe all this time at their home in upstate New York. The girl is her only child from her former lover Tom Sturridge.

The 38-year-old artist shared that she had to gain a deeper understanding of the mind of her 7-year-old daughter to entertain the girl, and at the same time, the responsibility for Marlowe’s distance learning was a heavy burden on the star.

“She’s too young to handle this on her own. And I had to regress and accept the child’s thinking, ” Miller said. The actress added that they spent so much time playing games that there was almost no time left for everything else.

Now Miller has returned to Britain to continue filming. Sienna admits that moving to America’s east coast has contributed to a decrease in interest in her love life after years of rumors, and she is now enjoying the peace of mind.