The withdrawal of the U.S. military from Afghanistan and the “heartbreaking humanitarian catastrophe” that broke out immediately after indicating the collapse of the American empire. This was written by the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

What happened in Afghanistan demonstrates that the White House does not understand the situation in the world and is unable to govern its own country, not to mention other regions, the article notes.

According to the author of The Daily Telegraph, several signs indicate the collapse of the American empire.

Among the external problems of the American establishment, the journalist called the failed results of Western interventions in the countries of the East and Asia. The article describes the U.S.’s attempts to “rebuild” the Middle East as long-term, sluggish, and ultimately catastrophically counterproductive.

“In the Middle East, all the countries and territories that America has touched are now in a state of chaos,” he explained.

The publication also accused Washington of incorrectly chosen strategies that led to “the destruction of the European Union caused by the migration crisis” and to the strengthening of China so much that “it is no longer possible to contain it.”

According to The Daily Telegraph, the internal signs of the “fall” of the U.S. Empire are the lack of agreement among the political elites.

“The constitution has failed, and America’s predilection for second-tier officials like Biden does not bode well,” the author added.

The article gives a gloomy forecast for the future, in which the world will face mass migration of the population, currency wars, and the struggle for natural resources.