US police have detained six people who changed the famous Hollywood sign located on the slope of Mount Lee in the American city of Los Angeles, California, to Hollyboob, according to the local Los Angeles Times, citing police.

According to the data, police officers noticed six people from surveillance cameras who entered the territory where the famous inscription is located. When the perpetrators descended back down the slope to Mulholland Drive, law enforcement officers were already waiting for them. It is known that among the detainees were five men and one woman.

The perpetrators said they changed the inscription because they wanted to attract public attention and warn people about the problem of breast cancer.

According to law enforcement officers, this incident cannot be considered vandalism, since the famous inscription was not damaged. As the newspaper notes, the violators covered certain parts of the letters with a tarp.

“There is no vandalism here, as the sign is intact,” LAPD Captain Steve Lurie said.

He noted that the violators would be charged with illegal entry into private territory, then all six will be released.