Beijing-based Mobvoi has developed a digital voice recorder with artificial intelligence AI Recorder.

Chinese developers have created a digital voice recorder that connects to artificial intelligence to automatically transcribe audio.

More recently, software for transcribing human speech from audio and video files has appeared. Mobvoi went further and used artificial intelligence to create a smart digital voice recorder AI Recorder that automatically converts sound to text.

The device itself weighs 20 g, records sound on 16 GB of internal memory through two microphones that work with a noise reduction algorithm to significantly reduce background noise. Files are saved in OGG or MP3 format.

AI Recorder comes with a one-year free subscription to an audio-to-text transcription service that currently supports English and Chinese, but more languages ​​will be added over time. The authors of the development note that the use of an artificial intelligence-based approach to transcription provides an accuracy of 94%. At the same time, keywords and paragraphs are automatically generated in the text.