The American company OnwardMobility, a new licensee of BlackBerry smartphones, announced in a press release in the middle of last year that it was developing a BlackBerry 5G smartphone with a physical keyboard. It was planned to launch in the first half of 2021 in North America and Europe. The second half of the year has already come – and the smartphone has not been presented. In March, in an interview, the CEO of OnwardMobility only noted that the gadget will receive a first-class camera. Graphic designer Niel D went further and created a series of concept renders of New B Berry, a smartphone that we will most likely never get.

It is worth admitting that the smartphone looks pretty attractive on renders, and most importantly, it stands out favorably against the background of similar externally modern “pipes”, which soon will not be distinguished by the manufacturers themselves. The New B Berry has a distinctive circular design like earlier BlackBerry models, straight edge bezels like the iPhone 12, a small opening in the display for the front camera, a single main camera and a gold glass lid with a black New B Berry logo.

The designer believes BlackBerry should rethink the desirability of a full keyboard. Therefore, the smartphone in its renders is equipped with an on-screen keyboard – it is more convenient and does not take up useful space if it is not needed.