Google has released an update for Google Pixel 6 smartphones that adds heart rate and respiration tracking to the Google Fit app.

This option works successfully on the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a smartphones and was announced for the Pixel 6 line back in March. But only now the new flagships have this opportunity, and even then – only the Pixel 6 and not all models. The fact is that the feature is currently in Early Access, and Google says it is “under development and may be removed.”

Since the Pixel 6 does not have special sensors, it reads using the camera and flash. In order for the gadget to be able to measure the heart rate and respiration, you just need to bring your finger to the camera and wait a few seconds while the application tracks changes in the color of your finger. The problem lies in the fact that the camera and flash of the flagships are far from each other – this, apparently, led to a delay in the launch of the option.

But keep in mind that the feature is experimental, and even after it is fully ready for use, it is advised not to rely on data for medical diagnosis.

Both features are available through Google Fit, tagged “early access” for some users. When you receive them, they will appear at the bottom of the Home tab or in the Browse> Key Metrics menu.