Almost 40 percent of smartphone users with 5G do not use this technology. This is reported by the publication Android Authority.

This conclusion was made based on a survey conducted among readers. The authors asked whether users of phones with 5G turned off support for fifth-generation communication on their devices. Just over half of the respondents said they did not turn off the new feature on their smartphones. At the same time, 39.38 percent of respondents reported that 5G communication is always disabled on their devices. Journalists believe that this may be because users do not see the advantages of the new communication standard or live in a region where 5G is not supported.

The remaining part of the respondents — 10.51 percent – said that they turn off the connection of a new generation from time to time. The rejection of 5G is because the current technology negatively affects the autonomy of the phone: it has to be turned off to increase the operating time of the gadget.

“So far, 5G is all hype and mostly false advertising. I turned off 5G on my iPhone to extend the battery life,” said a reader of the publication, who introduced himself as Lamar Taylor. “I turned off 5G once — the day I bought the phone,” admitted a user under the nickname AnySmarterIdRunLinux.

The publication authors reported that about 1300 Android Authority readers who have a smartphone with 5G support took part in the survey.