Sony has announced the next generation virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 5.

Sony did not show the headset itself. In the official, Senior Vice President of Planning Hideaki Nishino just announced that the company is working on a next-generation PS VR.

Nishino promised that the virtual reality system for the next generation of consoles will be distinguished by performance and interactivity. Building on the experience of the first version of PS VR, the new headset Sony will increase the image resolution, as well as improve the reading of clicks and movements.

In addition, the new PlayStation VR will connect to the PlayStation 5 with just one cable.

As for the controllers, they also remained behind the scenes. Still, Sony promises that they will receive some of the capabilities of the DualSense gamepad, as well as improved ergonomics.

The next generation of PlayStation VR should be expected in 2022, if not later. Hideaki Nishino noted that there is still a lot of work, so this year the headset will definitely not come out. Yet the developers have already begun to create games for the new headset.