Sony has announced a new selection of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 free games that PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive in December.

PS Plus will be the platform for the release of another game – Worms Rumble. The cross-platform shooter Team 17 will be available for service subscribers on December 1. Players will have battles for 32 people with platforming, bazookas, and customization of their worm’s appearance.

On the first day of winter, PlayStation Plus subscribers will also play Just Cause 4. Players will travel to a tropical island, where they will have to fight the private military organization Black Hand. To fight enemies, the main character can use various weapons and mock enemies with the help of the cult hook-cat for the series.

The third free game was Rocket Arena: a heroic shooter with 3v3 battles. Gamers will experience dynamic battles between different characters with special skills. The shooter stands out in that the heroes use different types of rocket launchers instead of classic weapons, and the main task is not to shoot the enemy but to push him out of the arena.

Worms Rumble, Just Cause 4, and Rocket Arena will be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers from December 1, 2020, to January 4, 2021.