Sony has allowed the use of third-party SSD drives to expand the memory of a new generation of consoles. This is reported in the PlayStation blog.

From July 29, PS5 users will be able to use the M. 2 slot to connect third-party drives. This will allow console owners to expand the device’s built-in memory and save more games and multimedia content. First of all, the function will be available to participants of the beta testing program. The approximate terms of unblocking this option for all users are not disclosed.

Sony also listed the requirements that compatible drives must meet. For the PS5, you can use NVMe drives with a PCIe 4.0 interface and a minimum read speed of 5.5 gigabits per second. The width of the module is limited to 22 millimeters. The storage capacity range is from 250 gigabytes to four terabytes. If necessary, gamers can use cooling elements and radiators.

To install an SSD drive, the engineers of a Japanese company recommend placing the console on a solid horizontal and well-lit surface. Then, using a phillips screwdriver, you need to disconnect the screws and remove the plug from the slot. “Before you start installing or removing, touch a metal grounded object to remove static electricity from your body,” experts say.

In Xbox Series X/S consoles, only compatible drives from Seagate can be used to expand memory.