Sony has released a wearable effects generator for musicians called Motion Sonic. It can be controlled with gestures while playing a musical instrument. This is stated in a press release from the company.

To prepare the device for market launch and attract the very people who will use it – musicians and DJs – Sony launched a project on Indiegogo, where users help shape the final design of the gadget.

The idea is to allow musicians to trigger sound effects or pitch changes using hand or finger gestures while playing the instrument. The 6-axis Motion Sonic motion sensor is tied to a hand or wrist and transmits the user’s movements via Bluetooth to the iPhone running the companion application (Android is not supported at this stage).

This triggers the desired pitch bend, vibrato, or modulation effects on the output of an instrument connected to a smartphone and speaker / amplifier via an audio interface.

The guitarist can, for example, change the frequency of the low pass filter by playing some power chords, or set a variable delay by raising his hand in the air to get the audience’s attention.

The touch unit is an RGB LED strip for an additional visual element, and users can expect 2.5 hours of play on a single charge with the LED on, or six hours with the LED off.