Famous trader George Soros and the leading participant in all conspiracy theories in the post-Soviet, and not only, spaces, said that he plans to allocate $220 million to eliminate systemic racism. Surprisingly, Soros put “ending the war on drugs” in the concept of eliminating racism.

Who is Soros?

This is a well-known billionaire and philanthropist with a lot of projects. Also at the disposal of George Soros are funds, one of which plans to invest about $220 million to improve the lives of black people.


Soros allocated $220 million to support the riot in the US

Why is the funding protests in the US?

George Soros wants to strengthen his reputation and get the support of a new audience. However, many believe that its goals are much more profound and aimed at improving the rebellious mood in the United States.


Surprisingly, the public reaction was quite adverse, and Soros ‘ post collected only 2000 likes and 5000 comments. The most outraged even created a petition to recognize Soros as a terrorist.