The Seventh Air Force of the United States will take part in the maneuvers.

The air Forces of South Korea and the United States plan to start regular joint exercises on May 9. This was reported by the Yonhap news agency on Tuesday, citing a source.

“The scale this year will correspond to past exercises, [stationed in South Korea] will be involved the Seventh U.S. Air Force,” the source said. It is not specified which equipment will take part in these two-week maneuvers. In addition, the naval forces of South Korea and the United States will begin on Tuesday to practice methods of combating submarines in the Sea of Japan.

On May 10, the inauguration of President-elect Yoon Suk-yeol, who advocates strengthening the alliance between the United States and South Korea, will take place. The maneuvers of the United States and South Korea will once again emphasize their defense capability against the background of the development of the DPRK’s missile program, Yonhap writes.