SpaceX has announced the second crew member of the first fully commercial flight into space of the Crew Dragon spacecraft; it will be 29-year-old Hayley Arceneaux, who had bone cancer as a child, the company said on its Twitter account.

In early February, the company announced that the newest Crew Dragon spacecraft would make the first flight in history without professional astronauts on board by the end of the year. It was reported that the Inspiration4 mission would include four space tourists. The mission, which businessman Jared Isaacman will lead, is charitable in nature and aims to raise funds for St. John’s Hospital. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, specializing in pediatric cancer.

As it became known on Monday, the second place in the crew will be given to a former patient of the clinic and now an assistant doctor in it – Hayley Arceneaux. Osteosarcoma of the left leg was diagnosed at the age of 10. The girl underwent 12 rounds of chemotherapy and several operations to remove the knee and part of the femur. In the crew, she will take place, conditionally called “Hope.”

As noted in the message on the clinic’s website, the future space tourist herself “is not at all nervous, but very happy” about the upcoming flight. Her preparation for it began with a visit to SpaceX, where she was measured for an individual spacesuit and fitting the spacecraft seat.

It is planned that the flight of the Crew Dragon tourist flight to low-Earth orbit will take place no earlier than the fourth quarter of 2021 and will last about 90 minutes. Details of the mission have not yet been determined.

According to SpaceX, two more seats in the ship “Generosity” and “Prosperity” will be vacant until February 28; the flight participants will be selected from among those who left applications on the mission website, making a charitable contribution. It is planned that after the full crew is formed, the real preparation for the flight will begin.