SpaceX has opened the third Starship engine test suite. It is located in McGregor, Texas, and will accelerate engine testing for the device, which should be sent to the moon in 2021. This was said in a statement.

The concept of the interplanetary spaceship Starship, formerly called the BFR, Ilon Musk introduced in 2016. It is planned that the flight will be perfect as a satellite of space tourism.

Star ship is the name of the second stage and at the same time a spaceship, and the first stage is called Super Heavy. SpaceX previously carried out the first successful tests of the Raptor engine at Super Heavy, and then tested the engine for Starship.

The third test facility for the machine will be equipped with nine similar engines. Superheavy class Superheavy class and tested in flight.

The total duration of engine tests for 2019 is 53 minutes. In 2020, SpaceX intends to increase testing intensity.