The media reported several deaths.

Several people have died as a result of the wreck of a Spanish fishing vessel off the coast of Canada. This was reported on Tuesday by the ABC newspaper with reference to representatives of the authorities of the autonomous community of Galicia.

According to her, the vessel Villa de Pitanxo sank in the waters of the island of Newfoundland. There were 22 sailors on board – 12 Spaniards, two Ghanaian citizens and Peruvians. It is also reported that some crew members have already been rescued. The reasons for the incident have not yet been clarified.

At a press conference, the official representative of the Spanish government, Isabel Rodriguez, confirmed the information about the shipwreck. According to her, the kingdom’s authorities are monitoring the search and rescue operation.

“I can confirm that three crew members were rescued, but I can’t add any other information,” Rodriguez said.