The eruption of the La Palma volcano in the Canary Islands in Spain lasts more than 85 days. Reported by The Associated Press.

The La Palma volcano in Spain began erupting on September 19 and is still ongoing. Since then, more than 3,000 homes and several thousand people have been affected by the natural disaster. On Sunday, after several days of low activity, the Cumbre Vieja volcano suddenly came to life again. The eruption was accompanied by loud explosions and a huge cloud of ash that rose into the sky. The volcanic eruption on the Spanish island has broken a local record and continues for over 85 days.

Scientists say volcanic eruptions are unpredictable. However, Spanish experts say that the eruption of La Palma can last up to three months. Also Mariano Hernandez, the island’s government official, has called the volcano “stable” in recent days.

“The point is that all the key figures were low,” he told Spanish public broadcaster RTVE. “But scientists don’t say exactly when it might end.”

He said experts continue to measure the number and severity of earthquakes in the area, as well as local levels of sulfur dioxide. From Saturday to Sunday, authorities recorded 24 earthquakes, but local residents did not feel a single shock. Most of the area covered by rivers of lava dumping molten rock into the sea is agricultural land.