45-year-old Charlize Theron managed to publicly disgrace and was ridiculed on the web. Earlier, the paparazzi had already caught the actress walking down the street without makeup and underwear: in this form, she was returning from a run. Then many people did not like the frankness of the celebrity.

Recently Theron again found herself in the midst of general discussion after wearing a dress that was too airy. When the actress went to a dance class in Los Angeles, the wind lifted the hem of her outfit, giving the audience a spicy view of the star’s black panties and slender hips.

Theron herself did not immediately notice this fact and for several minutes showed others her elastic buttocks.

The spiteful critics did not fail to laugh at the celebrity in social networks.

“It’s not a shame!”, “Yes, Charlize’s underwear is not very good”, “Such comfortable panties, why everyone is against it”, “Charlize is still the best, no matter what pants she wears,” the commentators disagreed.