Square Enix has introduced another update for Marvel’s Avengers, which will add a new hero, enemies, and also improve H.A.R.M.

The Black Panther: War for Wakanda expansion will introduce Black Panther as a playable character. Together with the hero in Marvel’s Avengers, the Wakanda region, new enemies and other content will appear. Square Enix did not name a release date, but the addition is expected to be in 2021.

Yet the closest content addition will be Operation: Hawkeye Future Imperfect, with which Hawkeye will enter the battle. Players will also be able to replay the storyline campaign while retaining existing characters and progress.

An improved H.A.R. room will also appear with the update. M. Players will be able to customize the number and type of enemies, traps, and the availability of bonuses to simplify or complicate training.

In the spring, players are also waiting for the Tachyon Anomaly and Red Room Takeover add-ons, Project Omega will be released in the summer, and the Wasteland Patrol is promised to be released by the end of the year.