It would seem that satellite Internet can solve the problem of access in the most inaccessible places, where to lay cables or build a system of towers with transmitters is simply not economically viable. But the authorities of far from all countries are happy with this opportunity for their citizens. And today a number of these countries have been replenished with India.

Starlink is currently available in 21 countries, mostly in the form of public beta testing. However, SpaceX has a particularly strong incentive to “cover” India as quickly as possible.

The country has a large rural population, which in the vast majority of cases lacks a reliable and high-speed Internet connection. Notably, Starlink has received over 5,000 inquiries since the start of pre-order picking in India.

SpaceX registered in India on November 1 and began accepting preliminary applications but has yet to receive official approval to launch the service.

After just a month, the Indian government ordered Starlink to immediately cease “reservation / provision” of satellite Internet services in the country pending a license to operate. The authorities also discourage customers from registering at this stage.

At the moment, the company refuses to comment on the situation. The exact date of Starlink’s debut in India has not yet been announced, although Starlink aims to gain at least 200,000 connections in this country by the end of 2022.