In a new study, paleontologists from Russia and Germany examined 63 teeth of stegosaurs, from which they found that dinosaurs did not suffer from tooth decay.

We found the teeth of animals of different ages – both adults and cubs. This suggests that polar stegosaurs most likely led a sedentary lifestyle: they multiplied and reared offspring on the same territory all year round.

Pavel Skuchas, Head of Research and Associate Professor, St. Petersburg State University

The authors of the work examined the teeth and found that they were all severely worn away from contact with neighbors.

Based on this information, they concluded that this type of dinosaur changed its teeth quite often: it took about 95 days for the formation of one tooth in dinosaurs of this genus, while in others it took 200 or longer.

It also means that stegosaurs did not suffer from caries, it simply would not have time to form on the teeth.