A group of 83 millionaires wrote a letter to the governments of several States asking them to raise taxes for the wealthy to restore the economy in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

As the letter notes, millionaires can play a crucial role in “healing our world.”

“No, we don’t care for patients in intensive care wards, we don’t drive ambulances that bring patients to hospitals, we don’t fill up grocery store shelves, and we don’t deliver food door-to-door. But we have money, and there is a lot of it,” the authors write.

The letter states that the consequences of the crisis caused by the pandemic will be felt for decades, which could add half a billion people to the ranks of the poor. At the same time, hundreds of millions may lose their jobs when businesses begin to close.

The authors of the message suggest that governments take responsibility for tax collection and distribution of income from them.

“Unlike millions of people around the world, we don’t need to worry about losing our jobs, homes, or the ability to provide for our families. We are not at the forefront of this disaster, and our chances of becoming victims are much less. So please tax us. This is the only correct choice. Humanity is more important than money,” the letter says.

Among the millionaires who signed it were actor Steven Seagal, British screenwriter Richard Curtis, venture capitalist John O’Farrell, Walt Disney’s granddaughter Abigail and many others.