NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, whose term of office expires in September this year, will remain in office for another year, Norwegian broadcaster TV2 reported, citing its sources.

“TV 2 has learned that Stoltenberg’s term as head of NATO will be extended for another year,” the broadcaster said. At the same time, the TV refers to Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store, who confirms that Norway will support the decision to extend Stoltenberg’s term of office if such a decision is made by the alliance.

“We see that the alliance’s allies are satisfied with Stoltenberg’s work as Secretary General. Norway shares this opinion,” Store’s words are quoted in the message. He also added that he had spoken on this topic with Stoltenberg and believes that there can be no big disputes on the topic of extending his powers.

In early February, the Norwegian government decided to appoint Stoltenberg to the post of head of the Central Bank of Norway. The Ministry of Finance considered that Stoltenberg is the most qualified candidate for this position. However, there is information from various sources that Stoltenberg is being persuaded to remain in his current post.