Recently, the Polish studio Superhot Team has released a very small update to its popular virtual reality game. Patch did only one thing: it removed all “disturbing” scenes from the game.

In the previous update, the developers added a switch “Skip disturbing scenes” to Superhot VR: with its help, especially nervous players could exclude the display of all moments hinting at self-harm or suicide.

This didn’t seem enough to the studio. Justified by the fact that “we live in a difficult time”, the developers came to the conclusion that they can achieve more and the players “deserve better.” The creators of the game decided that there was no place for such scenes in its virtual reality.

A number of players did express concern: sometimes it was necessary to commit acts that were similar to suicide in order to advance on the Superhot. And if in a regular game they are not so noticeable, then in virtual reality they can cause discomfort.

However, excessive custody angered another category of players: they believe that they were simply deprived of a significant part of the gaming experience and important plot points. However, the negative feedback scales do not seem to force the developers to return to the previous option: let the players decide for themselves what they want and do not want to see in the game.

So far, patch is only available on Steam, but in the near future it is going to be released on all other devices.