Authorities have not yet determined the motives that prompted Frank James to commit the attack.

New York authorities have charged the suspect in the subway shooting, Frank James, with a terrorist attack on public transport. This was stated by the federal prosecutor of the Eastern District of New York Breon Pierce.

“Today Frank James <…”he was accused of violating the provision <…> that prohibits terrorist and other violent attacks on the public transport system,” he said during a special press conference in connection with the detention of James. Pierce noted that the suspect faces a term of “up to life imprisonment” on this charge.

Authorities have not yet determined the motives that prompted James to commit the attack. Earlier, CNN reported that the accused posted videos online in which he spoke about violence and mass killings.

The NYPD said that James had previously been detained a total of 12 times, nine of them in New York State and three in New Jersey, including for possession of funds to commit burglary and disorderly conduct. The weapon that was found in an urn at a subway station, the accused bought in 2011 in Ohio; he was able to do it, since American law allows you to purchase weapons in the absence of records of the buyer committing serious criminal offenses.

It took law enforcement officers about 30 hours to search for James, he was taken into custody on Wednesday in the East Village quarter in the center of New York, when he was arrested, he did not resist.