New Zealand scientists have developed the NOVA motion simulator that can be used as a virtual reality training tool.

Eight360 NOVA is a unique offline VR motion simulator suitable for learning, driving and flight simulation. This allows users to have a real immersive experience with full unrestricted rotation on all axes.

Designed and built by Wellington-based company Eight360, the motion simulator itself is a hollow ball measuring 1.8 meters in diameter. The user needs to put on a virtual reality (VR) headset, and then go inside the ball and buckle up.

The simulator allows users to experience immersive content with full rotation in all directions. The installation reproduces visual and sound effects, as well as the physical sensations of movement.

As the authors of the development note, NOVA has great potential for both training and educational purposes. This device is currently the only one of its kind on the islands of New Zealand.

Another advantage of the simulator is that it is relatively portable and has many potential learning applications. For example, it realistically simulates the experience of flying an airplane, driving land vehicles, and piloting a ship. In the future, NOVA will be useful for military departments, fire departments, underwater research and aerospace industries.