30-year-old country-pop singer and actress, producer Taylor Swift shared on Disney + the story of her new album Folklore and one of the songs from Invisible String, which is the eleventh track in the new compilation.

The song contains lines: “The steel of my axe was cold for the guys who broke my heart. Now I buy gifts for their babies. “ When the song’s lyrics were created in collaboration with co-writer Aaron Dessner, it was based on the story of when the star actually sent a gift to her ex-boyfriend’s child. At that moment she thought: “Life is wonderful. This is a clear sign that life is wonderful. “

The singer’s fans immediately suggested that this was a former young man Taylor Joe Jonas, who just recently celebrated the birth of his first child with his wife, Sophie Turner. Joe and Sophie’s daughter, named Will, was actually born just three days before the release of Taylor Swift’s album. In the same program, the singer confirmed the identity of her “secret” songwriter who helped work on the project. The compilation of studio songs was recorded in self-isolation due to the pandemic and was announced just 16 hours before its official release.