The Telegram team has released a new messenger update that adds several useful features.

Telegram continues to improve group video calls, and now they support up to 1000 viewers. Thus, you will be able to watch broadcasts of lectures, concerts and other public events. At the same time, up to 30 participants can simultaneously broadcast video from a camera or an image from the screen. There are plans to completely remove the restriction on the number of viewers.

At the same time, video messages were also pumped: the quality and resolution of the image was increased, and if you click on the received video message, it will expand to the full width of the chat. In addition, you can fast forward or rewind the video without listening to the entire video.

The video player now has the ability to slow down or speed up video recording by choosing a speed of 0.5, 1.5 or 2X. On Android, 0.2x speed is also supported.

In the new version, you can broadcast the screen both in group video calls and in calls between two users. In this case, not only the image is broadcast, but also the sound from your device.

In addition, Telegram has added several minor improvements, such as animations for locking and unlocking an application by pin code, new animated emoji, a new password recovery mechanism, etc.