Vaccination of doctors is required by the U.S. federal authorities.

Ten attorneys general of Republican states have filed a lawsuit to challenge the Biden administration’s demand for mandatory vaccination of approximately 10 million doctors from COVID-19.

Joe Biden, a Democrat, has previously stated that he intends to achieve mandatory compliance with the requirement.

The lawsuit was filed in the Federal District Court of the Eastern District of Missouri in St. Louis by the attorneys general of the states of Missouri, Nebraska, Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa, Wyoming, Alaska, New Hampshire, South, and North Dakota.

In a statement, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt indicated that Biden’s demand is likely to exacerbate the problem and force some medical institutions to close due to lack of staff – especially those located in rural areas. In addition, it is stated that the decree violates the rights of the states.

On November 4, the federal regulator Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), which manages the two largest health insurance programs for the elderly and low-income people, established a mandatory vaccination rule that affects approximately 76 thousand medical institutions, including hospitals and nursing homes. Institutions that fail to comply with this requirement will lose access to these insurance programs.