According to online sources, more than 46 thousand people have signed petitions, the authors of which urge not to let the head of Amazon Jeff Bezos back to Earth after a planned flight into space next month with his participation. This information is confirmed by the relevant petitions posted on the platform.

Recall that Bezos is the founder of the space company Blue Origin. Not so long ago, he announced that he and his brother Mark Bezos will go into space as part of the first tourist flight, which is scheduled for July 20 this year. The billionaire made a statement about this on July 7, and three days later, two petitions appeared on the Internet calling to prohibit the businessman from returning to the planet, and each of them collected thousands of signatures in just a few days.

The most popular petition is called “Don’t let Jeff Bezos return to Earth”, and its description says that “billionaires should not exist on Earth or in space, but if they choose the latter, they should stay there.” The platform users who signed the petition expressed various reasons for approving it, but most often this is due to the desire to get rid of billionaires.

The second petition compares the billionaire to a fictional villain from the DC comics universe, Lex Luther. Curiously, both petitions are currently among the most signed on the platform.