In the village of Birnin Yaur in Kibbi State in Nigeria, terrorists attacked a school and abducted at least 80 children and several adults. This is reported by the Reuters news agency.

It is noted that the majority of those abducted are girls. When entering the school, the militants killed a police officer and a child who was receiving medical care.

According to the assumptions of law enforcement officers, the students were abducted for ransom. The police are establishing the exact number of missing children. In addition, the security forces are combing the forest and the surrounding areas of the school.

It is noted that the attacks in this region are separated from the actions of militants in the northeast of the country. There, in 2014, the African group Boko Haram attacked a school and abducted 276 girls from there to forcibly marry them to militants or sell them into slavery. Some schoolgirls managed to escape from captivity; the fate of the rest is still unknown.