In particular, the cost of the Model S four-door sedan is now $94,990.

Tesla has raised the minimum price for its most expensive Model S and Model X by $5 thousand. This is evidenced by the data on the company’s website.

When you go to the online configurator page, the Model S four-door sedan cost is now $94,990 instead of $89,990. The cost of the Model X SUV has crossed the six-figure milestone and is now at $104,990.

According to the Electrek Internet portal, despite the increase in production volumes, demand for electric vehicles still exceeds supply, and the company, according to the authors of the article, decided to take advantage of this situation. Earlier, Tesla raised the price tag for the most popular Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover by $ 2 thousand.

This week, the company reported on its financial performance for the third quarter. According to the published documentation, Tesla’s revenues increased by 57% compared to the same period last year. Operating profit was 14.6% compared to 9.2% in 2021.