Tesla has begun rolling out one of the largest updates to its Full Self Driving software, which is the backbone of its autonomous driving system. FSD v9 is reportedly available to Early Access members and is being distributed over the air.

The ninth version of Tesla’s autopilot brings a lot of fixes to make the autonomous driving system more reliable, and also has some interesting features. Among them are visualizations that offer “additional information about the environment” and allow you to better understand what the car sees while driving.

Despite the name Full Self Driving, the system is not completely autonomous and is designed to assist the driver, for example, when changing lanes or when cornering. Tesla relentlessly reminds that even when using autopilot, the driver must keep his hands on the steering wheel and keep a close eye on the road to be ready to take control in the event of an emergency. The camera located on the rear-view mirror has a new function for monitoring the driver. Now it can determine how closely the driver follows the road.

It’s worth noting that the FSD v9 autopilot update is a welcome update. For the first time Tesla promised to launch it back in August 2018, and the head of the company Elon Musk said that by 2020 more than a million electric vehicles will receive this update.