The 38-year-old resident of Kenya, who studied at primary school for 22 years, graduated from university and received a higher education diploma. This is reported by the website

During his studies, Mathew Aol Nyamlor attended five different elementary schools and successfully passed the exams required for admission to secondary school nine times. The problem was not in poor academic performance, but in the fact that you have to pay for studying in high school. He had no money, so he returned to the first grade after the exams and started studying again.

In 2004, the director of one of the secondary schools took pity on Nyamlor and allowed him to pay for his education later. Since he could not find the money, in 2006, he was expelled for non-payment. A year later, Nyamlor despaired and went to Nairobi to look for work but then decided to return and re-enter primary school. In 2011, his perseverance was rewarded: he was awarded a scholarship to cover the costs of his studies.

After graduating from high school, Nyamlor continued his education at the university. On July 23, he received a bachelor’s degree in public policy and management.