Australian actor and dancer David Gulpilil has died. The Sun reported this.

An ethnic aboriginal of the Yolngu people, who became famous thanks to the film “Crocodile Dundee,” has died at the age of 68. It is known that a few years ago doctors discovered he had lung cancer. South Australian Prime Minister Steven Marshall expressed his condolences over the death of the artist, noting that Gulpilil “shaped the history of Australian cinema and the image of Aborigines on the screen.”

“He was a man who loved his land and his culture, and he showed it to the world,” Marshall said.

Gulpilil gained the skills of a hunter, a guide, and a dancer at an early age. He began acting in films after meeting director Nicolas Rogue — he was looking for locations and actors for the film “Walkabout” and decided to give Gulpilil the role of Aboriginal youth. Later, he starred in such films and TV series as “Rabbit-Proof Fence,” “The Leftovers,” “Storm Boy” and “The Last Wave.” This year, a documentary about the actor “My name is Gulpilil” was released.