The main advantages of console gaming before playing on a computer are economy and comfort.

The author of the material on the media website named five main advantages of the game process on consoles compared to stationary computers. According to the blogger, the most important of them is comfort, since the console allows you to play it both sitting on the couch and at the table. “In console gaming, there is an opportunity to play the crowd in gambling and fighting games and even fight in a real dance battle,” the publication says.

Console gaming is also characterized by ease of choice since the consumer does not need to select components and assemble a gaming machine, as is often the case with a gaming PC. In addition, the cost of the current console is lower than the cost of a modern gaming computer: “Buying even a top-end version of a game console is sometimes more profitable than buying a top-end gaming PC at times.”

The final features of the gameplay on consoles, according to the author, are the stability of games released for consoles and the exclusivity of many titles. “It is worth taking as an axiom that many people take video game consoles just to play the so-called exes,” the blogger noted, citing the example of an exclusive for the PlayStation The Last of Us.