At the Academy Awards ceremony, the actor punched comedian Chris Rock in the face.

The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts has launched disciplinary proceedings against actor Will Smith, who punched comedian Chris Rock in the face at the Academy Awards ceremony. This is stated in a statement issued by the Film Academy.

“The Board of Governors today began disciplinary proceedings against Smith due to his violation of standards of conduct,” the document states. It stresses that Smith made “inappropriate physical contact, behaved in an abusive and threatening manner, and violated the basic principles of the film Academy.”

The organization apologized personally to Chris Rock, as well as to the audience. According to the statement, the organizers asked Smith to leave the Dolby Theater hall, where the statuette ceremony was held, “but he refused” to do so.

CNN explained that a meeting of the Board of Governors of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is scheduled for April 18, at which measures can be taken against Will Smith. In particular, his membership in the film academy may be frozen or canceled, as well as other sanctions may be applied.

During the ceremony on Sunday, Smith hit Rock in the face live on air after he unsuccessfully joked about the illness of the actor’s wife. Smith later apologized to the academy and the participants of the ceremony. According to The Wall Street Journal, Rock does not intend to press charges against Smith yet.