The US Air Force will soon test a new B-21 stealth bomber, which will create serious problems for Russia. This is written by the American magazine The National Interest.

The subsonic B-21 Raider produced by Northrop Grumman is planned to be put into operation in 2025. Its main armament will be hypersonic missiles, but the aircraft will also be able to carry nuclear warheads. Moreover, its main task will be a hidden exit to the strike area, bypassing the air defense systems and their destruction.

It is noted that the B-21, thanks to fundamentally new technologies, will be able to bypass even the Russian C-400 Triumph air defense system and the C-500 Prometheus complex, which is under development, which is capable of detecting invisible aircraft. Experts of The National Interest have already called the bomber Russia’s worst nightmare.

All the characteristics of the new stealth bomber are classified. It is known that during the tests of the aircraft, air defense systems similar to Russian and Chinese systems will be used.