Charles W. Jackson Jr. found a winning number on the back of a fortune cookie paper.

American Charles W. Jackson Jr. won the Powerball lottery jackpot of $344.6 million in North Carolina in the East of the United States, according to CNBC.

The owner of the store of military goods said that he found a winning number on the back of a piece of paper from a cookie with predictions, which his granddaughter gave him at lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant.

At the same time, Jackson did not fully believe that with this number he would be able to hit the jackpot. At first, the man decided that the last figure didn’t coincide, and assumed that won 50 thousand dollars.

After tax, the 66-year-old will win about $158 million.

Jackson is going to give part of the winnings to charity and go with his wife to Vietnam. Another $1 million he wants to give to his brother, with whom there was a deal that if one of them wins a big prize in the lottery, he will give the second million dollars.