The Americans offered to send Biden to The Hague because of a strike on Afghanistan

Readers of the website of the Fox News channel were outraged by the actions of the U.S. Army in Afghanistan, commenting on the erroneous strike on the car.

On August 29, the Al-Jazeera TV channel reported that a drone belonging to the U.S. Army attacked a car packed with explosives in one of the districts of the Afghan capital. The media reported about ten dead. The Pentagon later recognized this strike as a mistake.

A user under the nickname tjg1 called this strike “a terrible end to the shameful abandonment of the Afghans.” According to him, after the murder of 13 Americans, “the Biden administration wanted to “do something” so much that they used a drone to attack some target.”

“And after that, they lied, saying that they had killed ISIS terrorists,” he wrote.

A user under the nickname goingnutsincali737 notes that it is very sad to observe how unreliable the US intelligence and government have become. He noted that he no longer believes the authorities.

At the same time, the user of SamInTacoma is sure that the blow was not a tragic mistake.

“It was predictable because Biden was putting pressure to get some good “topic of conversation” after the defeat in Afghanistan!” he writes.

The GatedFox user is convinced that the drone strike was a means to distract attention from the unsuccessful withdrawal of US troops.

“I think because of this incident, it’s time to send Biden to The Hague to be tried in a war crimes case,” he added.

Users were outraged by the fact that no dismissals followed after the drone strike.

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