The head of the province, Doug Ford, noted that the protests are illegal and should end immediately.

The Head of the Province of Ontario (Canada) Doug Ford announced the introduction of a state of emergency in the region from the protests of truckers in Ottawa and on the border with the United States. He announced this on Friday at a press conference broadcast by the CBC television channel.

“Today, using the power of the head of the province of Ontario, I announce the introduction of a state of emergency,” Ford said. According to him, the protests are illegal and must end immediately. Ford said that the protesters’ position was “heard clearly and clearly by the authorities” and it was “time for them to go home.” The head of the region added that the protesters have no right to disrupt the lives of other citizens and disrupt the supply chains of food and other goods.

Those who do not comply, Ford threatened “very serious consequences.” The maximum penalty that the protesters face is a fine of up to 100 thousand dollars or a year in prison. In addition, truckers may be deprived of work licenses and car license plates may be taken away. Ford also said that the regional authorities have sent additional police forces to Ottawa and Windsor.

A protest action initiated by Canadian truckers began in Ottawa in front of the country’s parliament building on January 29. The demonstrators demand that federal and regional authorities lift all restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic. Similar actions were held last weekend in Toronto, Quebec City, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Vancouver.

In addition, since the end of January, the Canadian-American border has been blocked at one of the checkpoints between the province of Alberta and the state of Montana. On Monday, trucks blocked traffic on the Ambassador Bridge connecting the Canadian Windsor (Ontario) and the American Detroit (Michigan). Up to 25% of all cargo from the USA to Canada passes through this bridge.