The former US president independently made decisions about who to interview, Axios reports.

Former US President Donald Trump has held 22 meetings with the authors of 17 future books about him since leaving office in January. This was announced on Monday by the information portal Axios.

According to the portal’s staff, the former president received authors writing about him at his Mar-o-Lago estate (Florida), with each of them he spent an average of an hour and a half. Trump allowed them to conduct audio recordings of the conversations.

Aides to the Republican admit that most future books will give “at best mixed” characterizations of his actions. Nevertheless, the number of opuses and interview requests, according to them, indicates a high interest in the personality of the 45th US president, even after his defeat in the election last November.

According to the portal, excerpts of some of Trump’s interviews are sensational, and recordings of conversations are likely to be quoted in the leading media. This will ensure that the ex-president stays in the information field for the next year.