The Gallup sociological service recalled that the popularity rating of the U.S. president when he came to the White House in January 2021 was 57%.

The average level of popularity of U.S. President Joe Biden in his first year in the White House was 48.9%, which is lower than similar figures for the same period of all other American leaders, with the exception of Donald Trump. This conclusion, as The Hill newspaper reported on Tuesday evening, was reached by the Gallup sociological service, which analyzed data from 13 opinion polls that tracked the level of support for the current head of the U.S. administration over the past 12 months.

The service recalled that Biden’s popularity rating when he came to the White House last January was 57%. In the period from January to August, this level varied between 57% and 49%, when the pandemic of the new coronavirus was on the decline. However, since the end of August, especially after the chaotic withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, the level of support for the president has significantly decreased, dropping to 43%. In the period from October to December, it remained at the level of 43-42%, and this January, against the background of a serious complication of the situation with COVID-19 and the strengthening of inflationary processes in the country, it decreased to 40%.

The only U.S. president whose average support rate in the first year of his rule is inferior to Biden’s is his predecessor Donald Trump – his average rating was 38.4%, the Hill stated. Close to Biden is a similar indicator of the 42nd U.S. President Bill Clinton – 49.3%. Ronald Reagan had it equal to 57.1%.

The decline in popularity, the publication noted, Biden owes primarily to independent voters, who in the first months of his rule supported him with an indicator of more than 50%, now it is 33%. His support among supporters of the Democratic Party has also decreased – from 90% to about 80%.