The battery of the future for cars has been created

An international team of scientists has created the first combined battery for electric cars, characterized by high performance. The invention was described in the journal Science.

Scientists from the University of California at San Diego and LG specialists worked on the study. They managed to create a high-performance solid-state battery with an anode made of pure silicon. The scientific paper says that it was possible to combine two technologies for the production of batteries for electric vehicles during the experiment into one.

The future battery uses both a solid-state electrolyte and a silicon anode, making it entirely silicon and solid-state. The first tests showed that the car battery is safe, durable, and energy-intensive. According to experts, the development can be used both in electric vehicles and in stand-alone electrical systems.

The scientific article says that silicon anodes are known for their energy density, which is ten times greater than that of graphite anodes. However, they expand and contract when the battery is charged and discharged. The problem with solid-state batteries is that when they are used in cold weather, it is necessary to spend additional energy to increase the temperature. The silicon anode is reported to overcome these limitations. The new battery provides a higher charge rate at room or low temperature while maintaining a high energy density.

Scientists have found that the battery has retained about 80 percent of its capacity after 500 charging cycles in the laboratory. “Thanks to the latest discoveries, LG is much closer to implementing fully solid-state battery technology, which significantly diversifies our battery line,” said Myung-hwan Kim, head of LG Energy Solution.

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