A resident of the UK has created a garden of Eden in the backyard of his house. The man has been breeding tropical plants for 30 years, and now he is ready to sell the property along with a well-maintained plot. This is reported by The Sun.

The three-bedroom family mansion is located in the city of Leicester, Leicestershire, in the East Midlands. The house looks quite ordinary from the street, but its other side and the courtyard are decorated with exotic vegetation. The owner of the plot, retired Rick Stock, has been planting tropical greenery on the territory since 1991.

In the artificial jungle with an area of 30 square meters, there are many strange plants, including palm trees, cacti, aloe, bright Brugmansaier, and a banana tree, Paw Paw. A 67-year-old man created two ponds, decorating them with water lilies. Stock wanted to create a copy of a real natural corner. A mansion with tropics can be purchased for 320 thousand pounds (447 thousand dollars).

“People often admire my garden, considering it a great place to socialize. I hope that the jungle will help sell the house. My garden is my passion, it will be sad to say goodbye, but I am sure that the buyer will be happy, ” the house owner shared.