Sino-American relations have faced unprecedented challenges since the establishment of diplomatic ties, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said.

An important reason for the difficulties that have arisen in the relations between China and the United States was Washington’s complete disrespect for the “one China” principle, which was the basis of the Shanghai communique published after the historic visit of American President Richard Nixon to the republic in 1972. This was stated on Monday in the format of a video message by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, speaking at an event dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the publication of this document.

“Sino-American relations have faced unprecedented challenges since the establishment of diplomatic ties. All this also causes serious concern of the international community regarding another split in the world. An important reason for this situation was that the principles and spirit established in the Shanghai Communique were not fully respected. China and the United States are once again facing a historic choice: to continue peaceful coexistence or to slide into conflict and confrontation, to follow openness and cooperation, or to return to isolation and antagonism. In fact, the correct answer is already laid down right here – in the Shanghai communique,” the diplomat said.

The Taiwan issue, Wang Yi recalled became a key one in the communique in which the United States recognized the existence of only “one China,” expressing commitment to the principle of respect for the territorial integrity of the PRC and non-interference in its internal affairs.

The Chinese Foreign Minister pointed out the need for mutual respect to build the right vector for the development of Sino-American relations and promote mutually beneficial cooperation in the interests of prosperity of both countries. Wang Yi drew attention to the fact that the development of ties should be based on mutual agreements, and not on domestic legislation or a unilateral approach. “These are universally recognized international rules and basic principles of international relations. The United States should not put its legislation above international law,” the minister said.

In the Shanghai communique, Wang Yi recalled, the parties declared the inadmissibility of the hegemony of any state in the Asia-Pacific region. “Today, this statement is still important,” the minister said, calling on the United States to stop fomenting confrontation between various blocs and “the development of small closed exclusive circles in the region.” “They should work together with China and other countries in the region to build a large Asia-Pacific family based on openness and inclusivity, innovative growth, greater interconnectedness and mutually beneficial cooperation,” the minister said.

The Shanghai communique laid the foundation for the normalization of relations, determined the further vector and the basic principles of interaction between China and the United States. The communique was signed in Shanghai. An event dedicated to the anniversary of the historic event took place there on Monday.