The Chinese military launched a missile from a hypersonic glider over the South China Sea. This is reported by the Financial Times, citing its own sources.

A hypersonic glider launched by China fired a projectile over the South China Sea. He moved at a speed five times the speed of sound. Some experts believe the military fired an air-to-air missile. Others argue that we are talking about a means of electronic countermeasures. Its purpose is to disable air defense systems.

The Financial Times reported last month that China tested hypersonic weapons twice – on July 27 and again on August 13. This greatly worried the US authorities. In July, the Chinese launched a rocket, which, together with the glider, circled the Earth in low-earth orbit, after which it landed about 32 km from the target. Before launching the rocket, the device returned to the earth’s atmosphere. There are no details about the trials on August 13.

A hypersonic glider is an unmanned vehicle that is lifted and accelerated to hypersonic speed by a launch vehicle, and then undocked and glided towards a target. Today many countries are developing this technology. However, according to the Financial Times, no country in the world has shown it yet.