The person accused of killing 10 people in Colorado suffered from a mental breakdown, his brother said to the Daily Beast.

On Monday, an unidentified person shot 10 people, including one police officer, in Boulder’s King Soopers store. The attacker was detained and hospitalized with his injuries. Local police later said the accused was identified as a 21-year-old resident of Ahmad Al Issa state.

His older brother Ali Al Issa reported his relative’s anti-social and paranoid behaviour, who complained of “surveillance and harassment” back in school.

He ruled out a political motive for the shooting. “This is not a political statement. This is a mental illness. The guy was bullied a lot at school. He was a sociable child, but after being bullied at school, he began to become antisocial,” said Al Issa Sr.

The New York Times, referring to the accused’s alleged Facebook account, reports that Ahmad Al Issa was engaged in wrestling and kickboxing at the school. He was born in Syria in 1999, according to his personal data on the social network.

Colorado’s shooting comes a few days after another 21-year-old man fired at massage parlours in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Then eight people died, six of them of Asian origin.