The committee investigating the attack on the Capitol heard the first witnesses

Bennie Thompson and Liz Cheney have called for a full-scale investigation into the events of January 6.

The Congressional Committee investigating the attack on the Capitol, which occurred on January 6 of this year, held its first hearings. Four police officers who confronted a crowd of supporters of then-President Donald Trump, who committed a “medieval” act of violence, acted as witnesses at the hearing. During the meeting, lawmakers expressed warnings against “whitewashing” the events of January 6.

One of the policemen who participated in the hearing, Aquilino Gonell, told lawmakers that he was beaten by rioters, incited by Trump’s false statements about the election, allegedly stolen from him with the help of large-scale falsifications.

“What we were exposed to that day was like a battlefield in the Middle Ages. We fought – hand in hand and inch by inch – to prevent the invasion of the Capitol by a violent mob seeking to undermine our democratic process,” Gonell said.

“The physical violence that we experienced was terrible and destructive,” the police officer stressed.

He also said that his family watched what was happening on television and wondered if he was alive.

The committee for the investigation of the events of January 6 consists of nine people. The committee was created after Senate Republicans blocked the creation of an independent commission designed to investigate what happened. The committee members were appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi. The head of the committee is Democrat Bennie Thompson.

Opening the hearing, he promised that the work of the committee will be “determined only by facts” and that there will be no place for politicking and partisanship in it. Thompson also presented a video of the attack, calling it “terrifying.”

The majority of Republicans opposed the creation of the committee, saying that it is politically motivated. Liz Cheney, one of the two Republican lawmakers on the committee and a sharp critic of Trump, defended the measure. She called for a full-scale investigation.

“We need to know what happened in the Capitol. We also need to know what happened that day – every minute – in the White House – every phone call, every conversation, every meeting – in the run-up to the attack, during it and after it,” Liz Cheney stressed.

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